The MVBCA Assistant Coach of the Year Award began in 2000.


The MVBCA Assistant Coach of the Year is chosen each year based upon nominations that are received from the members of the MVBCA and decided by a MVBCA committee. Nomination forms may be secured from the Forms page on this web site. Nominations are due to the First Vice-President prior to MVBCA All-Star Game. The MVBCA Assistant Coach of the Year is decided prior to the fall social, and is announced and presented at the annual Hall of Fame Banquet in the Spring.


Assistant Coaches are an intergral part of a baseball program. Helping the head coach in many areas that sometimes go unnoticed to most. All head coaches will tell you that they would not be able to have a successful program without their contributions.


Congratulations to all of present and past inductees.












2000 Eric Harlamert - Sidney

2001 Chuck Barrett - Troy 

2002 Terry Dickten - Centerville

2003 Andy Fitzwater - Kenton Ridge 

2004 Jim Smith - Northmont

2005 Tom Russell - Lebanon 

2006 Doug Replogle - Indian Lake

2007 Doug Stoll - Springfield North

2008 Mark Blumenschein - Beavercreek

2009 Mark Miller - Southeastern 

2010 Tom Eickhoff - Urbana

2010 Mike Bardonaro - Vandalia Butler

2011 Ron Simpson - Franklin

2011 Joe Merger - Northmont

2012 Jim Johnson - Tippecanoe

2012 Mark Kincaid - Northmont

2013 Terry Donohoe - Triad

2013 Kenny Fulton - Springboro

2013 Dan Mote - Franklin

2014 Steve Clark - Vandalia Butler

2015 Gary Davis - Monroe

2015 Shawn Schmitt - Springboro

2016 Heath Murray - Troy

2017 Tony Metzler - Anna

2018 Scott Thompson - Vandalia Butler


Assistant Coach of the Year Award Winners

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